A New Way to Read

Camp Logo Disney Book Group

In 2007 BookPeople and Disney Book Group teamed up to start an exciting new program that reaches into the lives of children in the Austin community who need it most. BookPeople identified elementary schools serving economically suppressed communities to find at risk and reluctant readers. Disney Book Group provided a substantial scholarship that gives these children the opportunity to attend every Literary Camp BookPeople creates for the year. The camps provide the children with an opportunity to become part of a story within the story. Through the literary camps the books become relatable in a physical and intellectual way they may not be by themselves. Creative play along with a whole learning approach to our activities and curriculum create meaningful connections between history, art, science, philosophy and the book(s). At the end of camp the children receive copies of the book(s), their particular camp was based on, in the hope that the barriers to becoming readers diminishes.